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Why You Need More Vitamin D than You’re Getting: And What to Do About that Sunshine (And Sunscreen)

This topic has been very much on my mind for some time and I decided to think on this, talk to some doctors and other people in the know, and do thorough research before I even considered giving you any information – that’s because VITAMIN...

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Jackson Litchfield: Everything You Need to Know About Building Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits, and Becoming the Most Powerful You Possible

One thing I’ve learned throughout my years on Earth is that I am what I absorb. …If I am listening to sad music a lot, chances are I will find myself becoming sadder than normal in the very near future. …If I think I’m going...

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Jackson Litchfield: Unique Fat Burning Tips You Might Not Know About That You Probably Should

There are all kinds of tricks for burning fat and slimming down you might not think about. It’s all about outsmarting your fat cells with techniques that release the fat to be burned—and then burning it. So, yes. If you need to get into your...

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Are Heavy Metals Wrecking Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health?: Probably More than You Ever Thought Possible

You might not know this, but the average umbilical cord of virtually every baby born in this world tests positive for over 232 chemicals and metals that have been passed from the mother to the fetus, according to the highly ethical testing done by our...

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The Ultimate Guide to a Plant Based Diet: How to Hit all the Nutrient Requirements and Reap Major Rewards 

The ultimate guide to a plant based diet was created by a question I decided to put out there. The question was simply this: How can I eat for maximum energy, brain function, anti inflammation, body composition and performance? The answer showed up through an...

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